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Re: ObjC documentation

From: Ritesh Kumar
Subject: Re: ObjC documentation
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2003 10:01:05 -0400
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On Wed, 08 Oct 2003 14:43:23 +0300, Christopher Culver wrote:

> Ritesh Kumar <address@hidden> wrote:
>> So perhaps one of the easiest ways to go for it
>> would be to make a "theme adaptor" in GNUStep (I don't know how far that
>> is possible) for GTK and QT themes.
> This isn't a very popular idea among most of the developers, and I happen to 
> agree with that faction. I do wish that the toolbar colour would be changed 
> to 
> the slightly more attractive colours used in the "OpenStep" WindowMaker 
> theme, 
> but that's all.
>> If some user does want to have a different UI why not give it to them?
> Because a) consistency is good (how many people are clamoring for skinnable 
> Mac OS X?), and b) there is limited manpower to implement such a feature.
>> The only reason why I say so is so that
>> GNUStep gets wider recognition.
> I'm not sure GNUstep needs wider recognition among the people of which you 
> speak, i.e. people who want to make their windows and menus look pretty. For 
> those kinds of users, there is already GNOME or KDE. I would love to see 
> GNUstep get more attention, but it's got the possibility to be a great 
> desktop 
> for hardcore *nix users and people who can't get over their despair that 
> NeXTSTEP is gone. Such a community would be more impressed by ease of 
> development, consistent UI, and apps that don't treat them like idiots (like 
> GNOME does nowadays) than themes.
>> Even after a lot of search I was not able
>> to find even one working Linux+GNUStep distribution.
> There's no need for a distribution with exclusively GNUstep, as the user can 
> install it himself. SimplyGNUstep et al. are nice ideas, but they are several 
> years too early.
>> I am
>> currently using GNUStep on my Gentoo but even there I have still not been
>> able to install GWorkspace.
> Gentoo's GNUstep support is often broken. Last time I looked into emerging 
> the 
> GNUstep core libs, there were mismatched versions. I'd recommend just 
> installing the packages manually and then using "emerge -i". Most heavy 
> GNUstep users upgrade nearly daily from CVS.
>> In fact I am probably only using WindowMaker.
> If you are using WindowMaker, you are really not using GNUstep at all. WMaker 
> has little relation to GNUstep, in spite of the several mentions of the 
> GNUstep project in the WMaker documentation. The "official GNUstep window 
> manager" is InterfaceWM, although it is still incomplete.
>> The moment GNUStep has a userbase, it would encourage people to publicize
>> whatever they feel about Obj-C which I think is very crucial.
> Apple already does that work for us, all we need to do is hold onto their 
> coattails.
> Christopher Culver

I get that very well now. Thanks a lot for clarifying the general stance!

Ritesh Kumar    Graduate Student     cs.unc.edu
"The Difference between Insanity and Genius is nothing but of Success"
                                  -- Eliot Carver (Tommorow Never Dies)

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