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Re: ObjC documentation

From: Christopher Culver
Subject: Re: ObjC documentation
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 14:43:23 +0300

Ritesh Kumar <address@hidden> wrote:
So perhaps one of the easiest ways to go for it
would be to make a "theme adaptor" in GNUStep (I don't know how far that
is possible) for GTK and QT themes.

This isn't a very popular idea among most of the developers, and I happen to agree with that faction. I do wish that the toolbar colour would be changed to the slightly more attractive colours used in the "OpenStep" WindowMaker theme, but that's all.

If some user does want to have a different UI why not give it to them?

Because a) consistency is good (how many people are clamoring for skinnable Mac OS X?), and b) there is limited manpower to implement such a feature.

The only reason why I say so is so that
GNUStep gets wider recognition.

I'm not sure GNUstep needs wider recognition among the people of which you speak, i.e. people who want to make their windows and menus look pretty. For those kinds of users, there is already GNOME or KDE. I would love to see GNUstep get more attention, but it's got the possibility to be a great desktop for hardcore *nix users and people who can't get over their despair that NeXTSTEP is gone. Such a community would be more impressed by ease of development, consistent UI, and apps that don't treat them like idiots (like GNOME does nowadays) than themes.

Even after a lot of search I was not able
to find even one working Linux+GNUStep distribution.

There's no need for a distribution with exclusively GNUstep, as the user can install it himself. SimplyGNUstep et al. are nice ideas, but they are several years too early.

I am
currently using GNUStep on my Gentoo but even there I have still not been
able to install GWorkspace.

Gentoo's GNUstep support is often broken. Last time I looked into emerging the GNUstep core libs, there were mismatched versions. I'd recommend just installing the packages manually and then using "emerge -i". Most heavy GNUstep users upgrade nearly daily from CVS.

In fact I am probably only using WindowMaker.

If you are using WindowMaker, you are really not using GNUstep at all. WMaker has little relation to GNUstep, in spite of the several mentions of the GNUstep project in the WMaker documentation. The "official GNUstep window manager" is InterfaceWM, although it is still incomplete.

The moment GNUStep has a userbase, it would encourage people to publicize
whatever they feel about Obj-C which I think is very crucial.

Apple already does that work for us, all we need to do is hold onto their coattails.

Christopher Culver

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