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Re: MUST GNUstep Makefiles be called GNUmakefile?

From: Andreas Hoeschler
Subject: Re: MUST GNUstep Makefiles be called GNUmakefile?
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 12:16:11 +0200

Dear Yen-Ju Checn,

OCUnit uses this trick in GNUmakefile:

# If GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_ROOT is equal to nothing then include
# ProjectBuilder makefile named Makefile else include the
# GNUstep makefile named GSmakefile.
 include Makefile
 include GSmakefile

Hope it help.

Thanks a lot for this hint. This solved a problem I had for a long time. I knew the -f option of make. However, this works only for the root project. If you have an aggregate project and you use "make -f makefile", makefile will be used for the aggregate but GNUmakefile will be used for all the subprojects. Bumah! This prevented me from compiling aggregate projects on MacOSX if GNUmakefiles (GNUstep) did exist in the subprojects. Having the above GNUmakefile in all project directories solves this problem.



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