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PATCH: Merge objc-improvements-branch to mainline

From: Ziemowit Laski
Subject: PATCH: Merge objc-improvements-branch to mainline
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 15:34:27 -0700

Well, the time has come. :-)  To review, here is the goodness being
brought over from Apple:

(1) Bug fixes (as evidenced by the numerous new test cases vs. mainline) (2) Support for new Mac OS X (NeXT) runtime features, accessible via -fobjc-exceptions, -fno-nil-receivers, -fzero-link and -freplace-objc-classes, all of which have been documented in gcc/doc/invoke.texi. Test cases are included (and made
      Darwin-specific when appropriate).
(3) Retrofit of DejaGNU ObjC test suite so that most tests are usable with
      both NeXT and GNU runtimes.
(4) Very humble beginnings of Objective-C++ support (e.g., stub-objc.c, more
      #ifdef OBJCPLUS fragments in objc-act.c).

The only "known defect" of the patch is that not all of the -fobjc-exceptions stuff is as platform-independent as it could/should be. Currently, this does not matter in the least, since this functionality is not usable with the GNU runtime anyhow. :-( If/when the GNU runtime decides to provide its own exception APIs, we can definitely
clean things up via target hooks and such.

I'd really like to thank folks on the GNUStep list for helping me test the objc-improvements-branch and for pointing out problems therein. There are absolutely no DejaGNU regressions with this patch (plus, of course, there are numerous new test cases that also pass), and I'm running before-and-after tests as I write this to be
doubly sure.

I shall wait 24 hours for feedback, and then commit this under my newly-acquired Objective-C mullah powers. Here and there, the patch does touch non-ObjC files,
but in a very straighforward manner.

2003-09-23  Ziemowit Laski  <address@hidden>

        * Makefile.in (C_OBJS): Add in stub-objc.o.
        (c-parse.y): Change sed demarcations to begin with '@@'.
        (stub-objc.o): New rule.
        * c-common.c (flag_nil_receivers, flag_objc_exceptions, flag_zero_link,
        flag_replace_objc_classes): New flags.
        RID_AT_SYNCHRONIZED): New keywords.
        (flag_nil_receivers, flag_objc_exceptions, flag_zero_link,
        flag_replace_objc_classes): New flags.
        (lookup_interface, is_class_name, objc_is_object_ptr, objc_check_decl,
        objc_comptypes, objc_message_selector, lookup_objc_ivar,
        get_current_scope, objc_mark_locals_volatile): New prototypes,
        some moved from c-tree.h.
* c-decl.c (get_current_scope, objc_mark_locals_volatile): New functions.
        (finish_decl): Adjust where objc_check_decl() gets called.
* c-lang.c (lookup_interface, is_class_name, objc_is_id, objc_check_decl,
        objc_comptypes, objc_message_selector, lookup_objc_ivar): Remove stubs.
* c-opts.c (c_common_handle_option): Add handling for flag_nil_receivers,
        flag_objc_exceptions, flag_replace_objc_classes and flag_zero_link.
        * c-parse.in: Replace 'ifc' and 'end ifc' sed markers with '@@ifc' and
        '@@end_ifc', respectively.
        (objc_try_stmt, superclass, class_ivars, objc_try_catch-stmt,
        objc_finally_block): New rules.
        (component_decl_list2): Clean up semantic action for @defs construct.
        (component_decl, c99_block_start): Remove call to add_objc_decls().
        (poplevel): Add call to objc_clear_super_receiver().
        (stmt): Add rules for @throw, @address@hidden@finally and @synchronized
        (classdef, methodprotolist): Clean up/simplify.
        (methodprotolist2): Eliminate.
        (methodproto): Call add_method() instead of add_class_method() and
        (receiver): Add TYPENAME production.
        (reswords): Add "throw", "try", "catch", "finally" and "synchronized".
        (rid_to_yy): Add AT_THROW, AT_TRY, AT_CATCH, AT_FINALLY and
* c-tree.h (lookup_interface, is_class_name, objc_is_id, objc_check_decl,
        objc_comptypes, objc_message_selector)
        * c-typeck.c (comptypes): In ObjC mode, call objc_comptypes() for
        struct and pointer      types.
        (build_c_cast): Do not discard ObjC protocol qualifiers.
        (convert_for_assignment): Cache result of comp_target_types() instead
        of calling it more than once.
        * c.opt (fnext-runtime): Update description string.
        (fnil-receivers, fobjc-exceptions, freplace-objc-classes, fzero-link):
        New ObjC/ObjC++-specific flags.
        * function.h (GCC_FUNCTION_H): Header guard.
        * gengtype-lex.l: Teach lexer about new @@... sed demarcations.
        * stub-objc.c: New file, to be used to satisfy references to ObjC
        functions by the C and C++ front-ends.
        * config/darwin.c (_OBJC_IMAGE_INFO): New global metadata.
        * config/darwin.h (FUNCTION): Add in_objc_image_info.
        (SECTION_FUNCTION): Add objc_image_info_section.
        * doc/invoke.texi: Link to GCC web site for Objective-C information.
        (-fconstant-string-class): Update documentation.
        (-fno-nil-receivers, -fobjc-exceptions, -freplace-objc-classes,
        -fzero-link): New documentation.
        * objc/Make-lang.in (objc-parse.y): Change sed demarcations to begin
        with '@@'.
        * objc/lang-specs.h (@objective-c-header): Fix -E spec.
        * objc/objc/objc-act.c: Replace TYPE_NAME with OBJC_TYPE_NAME
        throughout; provide casts for return values from memory allocation
        functions (xmalloc, alloca, ggc_alloc, etc.).
        (OBJC_VOID_AT_END): New macro.
        (rtl.h): Do not #include any more.
        TAG_SYNCENTER, TAG_SYNCEXIT): New NeXT runtime entry points.
(struct val_stack, catch_count_stack, exc_binding_stack, val_stack_push,
        val_stack_pop): New.
        (objc_check_decl): Fix precondition for error message, along with
        the message itself.
        (lookup_and_install_protocols): Remove nonexistent protocols from
        protocol list instead of returning error_mark_node.
        (create_builtin_decl): Use DECL_ARTIFICIAL only for VAR_DECLs.
        (setup_string_decl): Generalize to use STRING_OBJECT_GLOBAL_FORMAT.
        (synth_module_prologue): General clean-up; construct NeXT-specific
        runtime API prototypes if needed.
        (build_string_class_template): Remove.
        (check_string_class_template, string_layout_checked): New.
        (build_objc_string_object): Generalize to work with
        (build_objc_symtab_template): Fix layout for the NeXT runtime.
        (build_metadata_decl): New.
        (forward_declare_categories): Call build_metadata_decl() instead of
        create_builtin_decl() et al.
        (build_module_descriptor): Use OBJC_VOID_AT_END instead of
        (build_selector_reference_decl, build_class_reference_decl,
        build_objc_string_decl): Do not set TREE_READONLY.
        (get_proto_encoding): Do not call hack_method_prototype().
        (get_class_reference): Add failure mode for invalid class names;
        support -fzero-link; defer if in an ObjC++ template declaration.
        (objc_declare_alias, objc_declare_class): Fix up duplicate name
        lookup; check for global scope if in ObjC++.
        (is_class_name): Generalize to work with various tree nodes (TYPE_DECL,
        (objc_is_id): Removed.
        (objc_is_object_ptr): New function.
        (get_class_ivars_from_name): New function, used for @defs construct.
        (get_class_ivars): Add option to return raw ivars; create a
        ClASS_OWN_IVARS list for each class as needed.
        (objc_enter_block, objc_exit_block, objc_declare_variable,
        objc_build_throw_stmt, val_stack_push, val_stack_pop,
        objc_build_try_enter_fragment, objc_build_extract_expr,
        objc_build_try_exit_fragment, objc_build_extract_fragment,
        objc_build_try_prologue, objc_build_try_epilogue,
        objc_build_catch_stmt, objc_build_catch_epilogue,
        objc_build_finally_prologue, objc_build_finally_epilogue,
        objc_build_try_catch_finally_stmt, objc_build_synchronized_prologue,
        objc_build_synchronized_epilogue, build_objc_exception_stuff):
        New functions.
        (_JBLEN): _setjmp jmpbuf size (needs to be made a target hook in
        the future).
        (build_private_template): Fix up calls to get_class_ivars().
        (offset_is_register, forwarding_offset): Remove.
        (objc_method_parm_type, objc_encoded_type_size): New functions.
        (encode_method_prototype): Simplify to no longer depend on
        back-end information.
        (build_tmp_function_decl_xxx, build_tmp_function_decl,
        hack_method_prototype): Removed.
        (generate_protocol_references): Remove calls to
        (generate_protocols): Adjust calls to encode_method_prototype().
        (build_class_template): Generate sel_id' and 'gc_object_type' fields
        for the NeXT runtime.
        (synth_forward_declarations): Call build_metadata_decl().
        (check_ivars): Check that the number of ivars matches also.
        (build_super_template): Modify super_type directly; disable debugging
        output while generating decl.
        (build_ivar_list_initializer): Skip list elements that are not
        (ivar_list_length): New function.
        (generate_ivar_lists): Call ivar_list_length() instead of list_length()
        and encode_method_prototype() instead of encode_method_def().
        (build_shared_structure_initializer): Generate 'sel_id' field for
        the NeXT runtime.
        (generate_category): Do not set TREE_USED.
        (build_keyword_selector): Ditto; transform into a function argument
        (get_arg_type_list): If there are no user-specified arguments, use
        '...'; use OBJC_VOID_AT_END.
        (check_duplicates): Add a parameter indicating whether methods or
        selectors are being checked.
        (receiver_is_class_object): Add parameters indicating whether
        receiver is 'self' or 'super'; robustify.
        (build_message_expr): Defer call to finish_message_expr() if
        inside an ObjC++ template.
        (lookup_method_in_hash_lists): New function.
        (finish_message_expr): Complete rewrite/fix.
        (build_objc_method_call): Ditto; factor out commonalities between
        the GNU and NeXT runtimes; acccommodate ..._stret and ...NonNil
        messenger variants on the NeXT.
        (lookup_instance_method_static, lookup_class_method_static):
        Fold into a single lookup_method_static() function with an
        additional parameter.
        (add_class_method, add_instance_method): Fold into a single
        add_method() function with an additional parameter.
        (add_category): Make duplicate categories a hard error in ObjC++.
        (add_instance_variable): Properly handle unnamed ivars, arrays of
        zero    or no size and bitfields.  In ObjC++, check for nontrivial
        C++ class instances.
        (is_public): Allow C functions to access address@hidden ivars, with
        a warning.
        (start_class): Move common initializations to
        synth_module_prologue(); check for global scope if in ObjC++.
        (continue_class): Fix calls to finish_struct().
        (objc_declare_protocols, start_protocol): Check for global scope
        if in ObjC++.
        (encode_pointer): Encode 'BOOL *' specially on the NeXT.
        (encode_aggregate_within): Rewrite to properly distinguish
        struct tags from typedefs in both ObjC and ObjC++.
        (encode_bitfield, encode_complete_bitfield): Remove.
        (encode_next_bitfield, encode_gnu_bitfield): New functions.
        (encode_field_decl): Call encode_next_bitfield() or
        encode_gnu_bitfield() as needed.
        (synth_self_and_ucmd_args): New function.
        (start_method_def): Use it.
        (objc_types_are_equivalent): New function.
        (comp_proto_with_proto): Use it instead of comptypes(), since
        we need symmetry.
        (really_start_method): Use lookup_method_static() instead of
        lookup_class_method_static() and lookup_instance_method_static();
        Emit 'extern "C"' if in ObjC++ mode.
        (add_objc_decls): Removed.
        (UOBJC_SUPER_scope): New variable.
        (get_super_receiver): Move construction of 'super' from
        add_objc_decls(); remove dependency on struct objc_class.
        (encode_method_def): Removed; encode_method_prototype() is
        used instead.
        (objc_clear_super_receiver): New function.
        (objc_expand_function_end): Do not do anything for ordinary
        C functions.
        (finish_method_def): Mark ObjC methods as un-inlinable.
        (gen_declaration_1): Emit widths of bitfields.
        (finish_objc): Call generate_objc_image_info() if needed;
        use check_duplicates() when checking for selector duplicates.
        (generate_objc_image_info): New function.
        * objc/objc-act.h (add_instance_method, add_class_method,
        get_class_ivars): Remove prototypes.
        (objc_build_throw_stmt, objc_build_try_catch_finally_stmt,
        objc_build_synchronized_prologue, objc_build_synchronized_epilogue,
        objc_build_catch_stmt, objc_build_catch_epilogue,
        objc_build_finally_prologue, objc_build_finally_epilogue,
        add_method, get_class_ivars_from_name): New prototypes.
        (TYPE_PROTOCOL_LIST): Robustify to distinguish from
        (OBJC_TYPE_NAME): New.
        (objc_tree_code): Ensure that either <c-tree.h> or <cp/cp-tree.h>
        got included.
        (IS_SUPER): Robustify.
        (umsg_stret_decl, umsg_super_stret_decl, umsg_nonnil_decl,
umsg_nonnil_stret_decl, objc_storage_class, objc_exception_extract_decl,
        objc_exception_try_enter_decl, objc_exception_try_exit_decl,
        objc_exception_match_decl, objc_exception_throw_decl,
objc_sync_enter_decl, objc_sync_exit_decl, objc_exception_data_template,
        objc_setjmp_decl, objc_stack_exception_data, objc_caught_exception,
        objc_rethrow_exception, objc_eval_once, objc_exception_block_stack,
        objc_catch_type): New ObjC/ObjC++ roots.
        * objc/objc-tree.def (MESSAGE_SEND_EXPR, CLASS_REFERENCE_EXPR): New
        ObjC/ObjC++ tree node codes.

        * lib/objc.exp (objc_target_compile): Do not point at libobjc headers
        if libobjc has not been built.
        * objc/execute/IMP.m, objc/execute/_cmd.m, objc/execute/bf-common.h,
objc/execute/bycopy-3.m, objc/execute/class-{1-14}.m, objc/execute/class-self-2.m, objc/execute/many_args_method.m, objc/execute/nested-3.m, objc/execute/np-2.m,
        objc/execute/object_is_class.m, objc/execute/object_is_meta_class.m,
        objc/execute/redefining_self.m, objc/execute/root_methods.m,
objc/execute/static-{1-2}.m, objc/execute/string-{1-4}.m, objc/execute/va_method.m, objc.dg/comp-types-4.m, objc.dg/headers.m: objc.dg/special/unclaimed-category-1.h, objc.dg/special/unclaimed-category-1.m: Make usable with NeXT as well as GNU runtime.
        * execute/next_mapping.h: New header, for GNU->NeXT impedance matching.
* execute/cascading-1.m, execute/function-message-1.m, objc.dg/anon-1.m, objc.dg/bitfield-{3-4}.m, objc.dg/call-super-{1-3}.m, objc.dg/category-1.m, objc.dg/const-str-{3-6}.m, objc.dg/encode-{1-4}.m, objc.dg/func-ptr-1.m,
        objc.dg/gnu-runtime-1.m, objc.dg/image-info.m, objc.dg/method-{3-12}.m,
objc.dg/missing-proto-{1-3}.m, objc.dg/nested-func-1.m, objc.dg/proto-lossage-2.m, objc.dg/proto-qual-1.m, objc.dg/sizeof-1.m, objc.dg/static-1.m, objc.dg/symtab-1.m, objc.dg/try-catch-{1-4}.m, objc.dg/type-size-{1-2}.m, objc.dg/zero-link-{1-2}.m:
        New test cases.
        * objc.dg/bitfield-2.m: Run only on Darwin.
        * objc.dg/class-2.m, objc.dg/comp-types-1.m, objc.dg/desig-init-1.m,
objc.dg/method-{1-2}.m, objc.dg/proto-hier-1.m, objc.dg/proto-lossage-1.m:
        Adjust for message wording changes.
        * objc.dg/const-str-1.m: Fix constant string layout.

Attachment: objc-improvements-20030923.diff.gz
Description: GNU Zip compressed data

Ziemowit Laski                 1 Infinite Loop, MS 301-2K
Mac OS X Compiler Group        Cupertino, CA USA  95014-2083
Apple Computer, Inc.           +1.408.974.6229  Fax .5477

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