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Re: PATCH: Merge objc-improvements-branch to mainline

From: Ziemowit Laski
Subject: Re: PATCH: Merge objc-improvements-branch to mainline
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 13:35:29 -0700

On Wednesday, Sep 24, 2003, at 13:14 US/Pacific, David Ayers wrote:

Stan Shebs wrote:

I think we will want to solve it, but that can be done at leisure on the trunk, since it solves a problem that is presently hypothetical. There are other ObjC nonportabilities that are much more urgent to fix, such as
the libobjc use of internal GCC headers, which causes build problems

I don't find this a convincing argument to introduce more non portabilities.

But you're discussing the non-portability of a feature that does not exist in GNU libobjc in the first place. :-)

Yes the existing ones should be dealt with, but even more important is not to introduce any new ones.

I'd say that user impact, rather than seniority, should drive our priorities here. As Stan said, the exception non-portabilities are currently hypothetical, whereas the libobjc build problems can be decidedly non-hypothetical. Of course, as we Apple folk do not use GNU libobjc, we do not care about this very much :-(, but it would seem to me that you should.

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