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Re: Multimedia with GNUstep ?

From: PUYDT Julien
Subject: Re: Multimedia with GNUstep ?
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 13:48:59 +0200

On jeu, 2003-09-18 at 13:15, Raffael Herzog wrote:
> I'm working on MoviePlayer.app which is split into three parts:
> - The application itself
> - A framework/library (not sure yet) that provides the movie playing API used 
> by the application
> - An engine based on libxine/X11 as loadable bundle

My own app is split in three too:
* a few bundles, that provide video drivers/devices;
* the bundle manager;
* the ui, that lets the user choose the driver, then the device, then
displays it;

I have the advantage that I already made some sources public, so you may
have a look and comment ;-)

> I'll probably move to SF soon, I'd just like to locate and fix some 
> dead-locks 
> and do some cleanup in the code before I do this. It's quite usable now if 
> you 
> don't care having to kill it more than being able to use the quit menu 
> item... 
> :)

Well, I won't move to sf or sv soon, since I'm not interested at all by
the app in itself: my focus is on a framework/library to provide access
to video devices (be they real cams, or come from a file or an url).

> Seeking in the stream works (if the stream format supports it), fast 
> forward/backward doesn't work, previous/next playlist item doesn't work 
> neither as there is no playlist yet - well, actually there is a playlist 
> already, but the GUI is missing... :)

The specific issue with a video device is that you can't simply pass a
pointer to the whole thing around the apps, you just have an object that
gives frames (currently in my code: NSImage -- bad), following two
different modes (on demand: you call a getImage method when you want; or
on notification: you call the same getImage as before, but only after
you got a notification. In the first case, you're assuming you'll have
to wait to get the image, in the second, that the call will return

Is your class describing a video able to handle that?

Snark on #gnustep

PS: of course, I'm only talking video here, but for movie movie, an
audio framework/library would be needed too; a "movie" being "video",
"audio" and some sync.

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