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Multimedia with GNUstep ?

From: PUYDT Julien
Subject: Multimedia with GNUstep ?
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 16:07:54 +0200


I saw something exists for sound (gsnd), but it doesn't look that good
(hint: the fact that the GSSndObj protocol has frameCount & data shows
it is to play sound from a small file, and not from an open device).

For video, I wrote a little test app, that uses NSImage to display video
from a video4linux device [little memory leak, few video format
supported], an ieee1394 avc camera [big memory leak], or a fake device
[static image of the app icon]; and all I have to say is: a series of
NSImage isn't really good for that purpose.

is there any multimedia framework in GNUstep? If yes, where, if no, who
works on it?

Snark on #gnustep

PS: the sources of my little buggy app can be found here:

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