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Re: [Q] ProjectCenter.app Crashes on Close...

From: Pablo Di Noto
Subject: Re: [Q] ProjectCenter.app Crashes on Close...
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 10:17:13 -0300


I am experiencing the same issue.
Both on SuSE 8.2 and Mandrake 9.1. Using all the toolset from
daily-snapshot 20030829 and the releases gnustep-{base|make}-1.7.3 and

Does this only happen when working with Gorm projects or with all kind
  of projects?

Yes, only in Gorm projects, funny :-)

Well, in my case it happens with GormApp, and Tool at least.

I also notice that new projects are created without GNUmakefile.

  Huh? This is scary ... I will have a look at it as soon as possible.

What I found is that adding a new file to the project, forces the creation of the GNUmakefile and the build is done ok.


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