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Re: Possible MacOS X compier problem

From: Bill Northcott
Subject: Re: Possible MacOS X compier problem
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 11:15:12 +1000

> >>>The following code works with the FSF compiler but not with the 
> >>>(gcc-1465) Apple version.
> >>>        return [[[ArchiverQuoted createBegin: aZone]
> >>>                 setQuotedObject: [self getExpr]]
> >>>                  createEnd];

> If in fact, the setQuotedObject: method returns void and does not return
> the receiver, then the code is wrong and the compiler should be warning
> you about not ignoring the return value. 

setQuotedObject never returns.  That is the problem.  There is no issue of 
what it returns because it never does.  createEnd is never called.  It 
just carries on until it hits a sanity check further on in the code and 

>The fact the it seems to work
> because the receivers address is left somewhere in in memory/registiers
> that happen to be where the next method invocation reads the parameter
> for sending the message is pure luck. 

This is really not a hardware issue.  This code has been used successfully 
in Linux x86 and PPC, Solaris Sparc, True64 UNIX on Alpha, and others.  It 
will work on MacOS X using the FSF compiler.  So it is really not random.

Bill Northcott

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