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Re: Possible MacOS X compier problem

From: Bill Northcott
Subject: Re: Possible MacOS X compier problem
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 11:15:13 +1000

> >>>The following code works with the FSF compiler but not with the 
> >>>(gcc-1465) Apple version.
> >>>        return [[[ArchiverQuoted createBegin: aZone]
> >>>                 setQuotedObject: [self getExpr]]
> >>>                  createEnd];
> >>>
> >>>

> Please excuse me, I forgot to but in the code snippet.  Please try:
> id arc = [ArchiverQuoted createBegin: aZone];
> [arc setQuotedObject: [self getExpr];
> return [arc createEnd];

There are several rearrangements of the code, similar to your suggestion 
that work.  There are others that don't.  In a previous message I put up a 
long list of variations on another line, some of which worked and some of 
which did not.  Completely unnesting always seems to work.  They all work 
using the FSF compiler.
However, there are other more subtle problems in the finished code, so I 
am trying to get to the bottom of this one easily reproducable issue in 
the hope it might reveal the error in the compiler.

I was really looking for anybody who may have experienced a similar issue.

Bill Northcott

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