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problems building...

From: Pete French
Subject: problems building...
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 16:38:15 +0100

latest CVS, make builds and iinstalls  fine. then I go to base:

Making all for subproject Additions...
 Compiling file GSCategories.m ...
In file included from ../../Headers/Foundation/Foundation.h:39,
                 from GSCategories.m:26:
../../Headers/Foundation/NSByteOrder.h:32: parse error before "NSSwappedFloat"
../../Headers/Foundation/NSByteOrder.h:32: warning: type defaults to `int' in de
claration of `NSSwappedFloat'
../../Headers/Foundation/NSByteOrder.h:32: warning: data definition has no type 
or storage class
...pages of errors....

any ideas ? the odd thing is that the typedef at line 39 looks fine to me!


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