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Re: [Q] Problem in Framework loading in Win32

From: Jeff Teunissen
Subject: Re: [Q] Problem in Framework loading in Win32
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 09:29:13 -0400

S.J.Chun wrote:

> In Win32 environment, there's problem of locating bundle resource and
> class when the framework was linked into the executable binary(With
> dynamic loading case, like in StepTalk, this problem does not occur).
> I'm currently trying to build XMLRPC framework. The source of error is
> when I call +bundleForClass:. It does not work. Actually in
> +_addFrameworkFromClass: _bundleClasses are not updated properly. Should
> I fill the +frameworkClasses method with class names in Framework ?
> Actual error is
> XREncoder.m:83 Assertion failed in XREncoder(instance), method
> iniForWritingWithBuffer:. Unable to load String2XMLEntity.plist
> And the problematic method call is [NSBundle
> bundleForClass:@"XMLRPCFramework"]

That's [NSBundle bundleForClass: [XMLRPCFramework class]];

You're asking for the bundle of a non-class (and static, even) object --
this is bad. :)

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