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Re: Default values for the standard fonts

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: Default values for the standard fonts
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2003 20:19:56 +0200
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Looks like a nice idea to me. Go ahead and change this.

Alexander Malmberg wrote:
In the back-art resource package, I plan on including the Vera fonts,
and I've decided (at least for now :) to recommend, in most cases, that
they be used as the default fonts.

Currently, the standard fonts all have explicitly specified default
values, so to switch all fonts you need to change 11 defaults despite
the fact that only three different fonts are used. Thus, I'd like to
change the behavior here so that most fonts fall back on the system font
or system bold font instead of Helvetica. The table in NSFont.m would
change to:

    <item>NSBoldFont                Helvetica-Bold (System bold
    <item>NSControlContentFont      System font</item>
    <item>NSFont                    Helvetica (System Font)</item>
    <item>NSLabelFont               System font</item>
    <item>NSMenuFont                System font</item>
    <item>NSMessageFont             System font</item>
    <item>NSPaletteFont             System bold font</item>
    <item>NSTitleBarFont            System bold font</item>
    <item>NSToolTipsFont            System font</item>
    <item>NSUserFixedPitchFont      Courier</item>
    <item>NSUserFont                System font</item>

This way, switching to using the Vera fonts (or the MS webfonts or any
other set of fonts) would only require three defaults changes:

defaults write NSFont BitstreamVeraSans-Roman
defaults write NSBoldFont BitstreamVeraSans-Bold
defaults write NSUsedFixedPitchFont BitstreamVeraSansMono-Roman

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