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GNUstep Build Guide 1.1.0

From: Dennis Leeuw
Subject: GNUstep Build Guide 1.1.0
Date: Wed, 09 May 2001 18:03:11 +0200

Hi all,

Actually this is a pre-release guide. Several things have changed. Most
of the additional libs are now placed before the actual GNUstep Build
and are build in /usr/local if you need them.
Added stuff:
- A bit on maintenance when compiling from source
- gmp
- guile
- OpenSSL
- gnsutep-guile (which currently crashes on my system during build)

A couple of points of attention:
* I have tried to place the building of the packages in a logical order,
to prevent dependencie problems, but I don't know if I succeeded...
* Not all builds are tested. Up to gnustep-gui is tested and should work
atleast on Linux systems
* The layout of the different pieces is not identical, function
descriptions are missing, build parts are missing, etc.

This release is to show, what I intend to do with the guide and it will
be a one page version. So if you want to view the new version:

For the old 1.0.0 version:


Dennis Leeuw

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