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source converters [WAS: RE: Attempting to Create Obj-C Gecko Fram ework]

From: ian . mondragon
Subject: source converters [WAS: RE: Attempting to Create Obj-C Gecko Fram ework]
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 08:50:08 -0500

rich -

are these source converters of yours something you would be willing to share
with the community?  if they work even *remotely* well, they would save
_alot_ of time for those of us porting C++ apps to ObjC.  i myself have
spent countless hours performing the mind-numbing task of doing so while
rewriting the Sapphire window manager, and something like this would have
saved me sooooo much time & frustration (not to mention keep my gag reflex
from acting up simply from having to deal with C++ ;-)

- ian mondragon

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Richard Dale [SMTP:address@hidden
> Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2001 1:30 AM
> To:   address@hidden
> Subject:      Re: Attempting to Create Obj-C Gecko Framework
> On Tue, 10 Apr 2001, Brian Powell wrote:
> > On Monday, April 9, 2001, at 04:33 PM, Helge Hess wrote:
> > > BTW: Those C libs would be in itself a nice project. Eg the same is
> done
> > > with Qt, which has C wrappers which are wrapped in ObjC, AFAIK.
> > >
> > 
> > Hmmm, I did some searching about on google and couldn't find a link to 
> > the project that has wrapped ObjC around Qt.  Do you have any 
> > information?  I appreciate it!
> I'm doing the wrappers for KDE/Qt/C/Objective-C. I have a pair of source
> convertors, one to convert C++ headers to C .h and .cpp files, and the
> other to
> convert the same headers to the matching Objective-C .h and .m files. How
> many
> headers/classes/methods are there in the gecko C++ api? 
> They have a hard coded 'type translation table' of the Qt/KDE C++ types
> and
> their C/Objective-C mappings, which you would need to adapt for wrapping
> Gecko.
> Please email me if you would like the two converters, and I can send them
> as
> attachments c. 100k each (they are written in perl, adapted from the
> 'kdoc'
> documentation tool). They aren't checked into the KDE CVS yet, but should
> be in
> a couple of weeks in time for 2.2.
> Another technical issue is, if you instantiate an instance in the C++
> world, and
> then it is subsequently referenced in the Objective-C world you need to
> automatically create an instance. Then, at '- dealloc' time you need to
> make
> sure you don't free those sort of instances, because the C++ code would
> expect
> to be responsible for freeing them. Only C++ instances created as a
> result of alloc/init'ing an Objective-C instance directly should be freed
> then.
> -- Richard
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