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Re: GSFontInfo.m Compilation Error

From: Jonathan Gapen
Subject: Re: GSFontInfo.m Compilation Error
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 09:45:31 -0600

Philip Bradley wrote:
> I have installed libtiff, libxml, gnustep-make,
> gnustep-base, ffcall, dgs-0.5.10 and ghostscript
> fonts. When I tried to compile gnustep-gui-0.6.7
> I got the compiler error shown below. The
> NS*StringEncoding symbols seem to be undefined.
> Does anyone have any ideas on this?

    Yes, you need to update the gnustep-gui source, or edit GSFontInfo.m
to change those string encoding names to NSISOCyrillicStringEncoding,
NSISOGreekStringEncoding, NSISOArabicStringEncoding, and
NSISOHebrewStringEncoding.  I changed those names in gnustep-base
recently, because they were not clear.  For instance, ISO8859-5, KOI8-R,
CP1251, and AdobeStandardCyrillic are all Cyrillic script string
encodings, which made NSCyrillicStringEncoding ambiguous.  Now,
NSISOCyrillicStringEncoding should more clearly refer to ISO8859-5.

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