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(python) resources for "offline" signal processing ?

From: Kristoff
Subject: (python) resources for "offline" signal processing ?
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2021 13:13:56 +0200
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Hi all,

Does anybody have a list of good python resources for "non-real-time" signal-processing of radio-signals. ("non-real time" as in "an iq-file of prerecorded dataframe", in contrast a continuous stream like a GR flowgraph)

Say you start with the IQ-file of a HFDL-packet and you would want to analyse and visualize it, take it apart, demodulate and decode it, etc.

I've come across libraries like numpy, scipy-signal and commpy, visualization-tools like matplotlib and seaborn and others.

For audio, there is off course audacity.
For quick-and-dirty visualization of radio-packets, I have used inspectrum.

So there does not seams to be a lack of tool, .. perhaps there are to many of them :-)

It would be nice to have a overview of what tools/libraries are available to do what, and what would the good method to build a 'flow' to -say- build a GR block for a HFDL packet decoder.

I have already found pysdr.org to be an interesting resource.

Anybody an idea of other resources?

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