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reentrant values?

From: Steven Barbo
Subject: reentrant values?
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2021 11:23:56 -0500

Hello gnuradio citizens.
Hope this day finds you well.
will attempt to keep my myriad questions succinct.
sin/cos feeding flow graph via udp.
logically, these are the values painted thusly:

to make i/q "proper", using the poor Arduino to do some math, looses a bit in translation :)
sure would be nice to do the math inside gr... 

question 2: how can use an value via virtual source or network value as  parameter or value to feed say, adjust tuning? such as one can do with the qt slider. does such require an module? control port? think i was gone that day :)
is there some dependency graph or other? - ever amazed how all the various packages are stitched let make this all happen...

thank you.
If something is requisite, how can it possibly be, prerequisite? 

vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas
later, steve

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