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Re: LDPC 7/8 (8160/7136) AList CCSDS

From: Wheberth Damascena Dias
Subject: Re: LDPC 7/8 (8160/7136) AList CCSDS
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2021 13:35:32 +0200

By the way gr-aff3ct would be a very useful module!

Wheberth Dias

On Thu, Aug 5, 2021, 16:08 Daniel Estévez <daniel@destevez.net> wrote:
El 5/8/21 a las 10:52, dominik.walach escribió:
> Hey Everyone,
> I'm trying to convert an ordinary list of 1 and 0, created from
> RECOMMENDED STANDARD CCSDS 131.0-B-3 to AList, which would be executable
> in GNURadio 3.8.x.
> I have used Software for LDPC codes (Software for Low-Density
> Parity-Check Codes (toronto.edu)) to convert binary files to alist, but
> it didn't work as intended.
> Also, I have found browsing the internet this GitHub page with a lot of
> alists already prepared, unfortunately, there is not a specific matrix,
> for which I'm looking for (gnuradio/gr-fec/ldpc_alist at master ·
> gnuradio/gnuradio · GitHub).
> I have tried to look through all the mail regarding this topic, but it
> was not much of help. Nobody has asked a similar question yet.
> My question is if there is someone who has experiencing creating ALists
> for GNU - Maybe different software that I mentioned. Or if it's possible
> to convert binary file matrix to alist.

Hi Dominik,

Not exactly what you ask for, but maybe you will find this useful:


I haven't tested the alists produced by this software with GNU Radio,
but I've tested them with AFF3CT.

This rust crate has some library functions to handle sparse matrix and
alist representations, which you could use to convert your matrix of 0's
and 1's to an alist. Besides this, it has a small command line utility
that can be used to generate all the DVB-S2 LDPC alists. Unfortunately I
haven't implemented the CCSDS LDPCs, but that would make a nice addition
to this repository.



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