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LDPC 7/8 (8160/7136) AList CCSDS

From: dominik.walach
Subject: LDPC 7/8 (8160/7136) AList CCSDS
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2021 10:52:06 +0200

Hey Everyone,

I'm trying to convert an ordinary list of 1 and 0, created from RECOMMENDED STANDARD CCSDS 131.0-B-3 to AList, which would be executable in GNURadio 3.8.x.

I have used Software for LDPC codes (Software for Low-Density Parity-Check Codes (toronto.edu)) to convert binary files to alist, but it didn't work as intended. 

Also, I have found browsing the internet this GitHub page with a lot of alists already prepared, unfortunately, there is not a specific matrix, for which I'm looking for (gnuradio/gr-fec/ldpc_alist at master · gnuradio/gnuradio · GitHub).

I have tried to look through all the mail regarding this topic, but it was not much of help. Nobody has asked a similar question yet.

My question is if there is someone who has experiencing creating ALists for GNU - Maybe different software that I mentioned. Or if it's possible to convert binary file matrix to alist.

I will post updates.


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