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Regarding installation of gnuradio 3.7.10

From: Yash Agrawal 18410
Subject: Regarding installation of gnuradio 3.7.10
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2021 23:42:32 +0530

Hello Everyone,
I am a beginner to this community and currently started working on a project of gnuradio named 'Implementation of a packet encoder/decoder pair in the GNU radio framework'. I am using Ubuntu version 16.04 currently. I am facing an issue installing a particular version (3.7.10) of gnu radio. Although I tried to follow the command for installing gnuradio 3.7, I always get installed the 3.7.9 version of it. But I want version 3.7.10 or greater for the gnuradio 3.7. Hence, I am really stuck here. I will be thankful for any leads.

Thanks in advance.
- Regards
Yash Agrawal
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department

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