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.denemo files disappearing from Music directory.

From: Sandra Carral
Subject: .denemo files disappearing from Music directory.
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2023 11:00:21 +0100
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I write music using Denemo (in a linux box with Ubuntu mate) regularly. I save my .denemo files under /home/myaccount/Music. I've noticed that after a while all .denemo files disappear. For instance, I wrote a score in December 2022, and the same day I finished with the .denemo file, I exported the score on a .pdf file on the same directory. Today the .denemo file is gone, but the .pdf file is still there. Why are the .denemo files disappearing, and how can I prevent them from disappearing in the future?

Kind regards,

Dr. Sandra Carral.

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