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Windows MIDI output (was Re: Hi Richard, I am testing the version you se

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Windows MIDI output (was Re: Hi Richard, I am testing the version you sent me.)
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2020 10:08:34 +0100

On Wed, 2020-07-08 at 19:08 -0300, José Celso Freitas Pianista wrote:
> Hello Richard, thank you for the support.
> I uninstalled version 2.2 of Denemo and unpacked the files from
> http:/
> p on the denemo directory
> (C:\Program Files (x86)\denemo)

I should have explained that the updated version would be built
overnight in Chicago, so pe rhaps you got yesterday's version?
Today I see this entry for  http:/

[ ]      2020-07-09 05:02        165M     
do you have the 8th July version?

> I tested "Print Preview" and it is working ok now.
> (control+p, p)
> I tested Export MIDI and it is still not working. The program doesn't
> return any error message. It simply creates no midi file.

Even with yesterday's version there is a simple test:
create a file named junk.mid and then invoke the Export->Export MIDI
command and choose to save to this same file. You should get a warning
popping up asking if you want to over-write the already existing file.

If you change the permissions on junk.mid to prevent over-writing then
you should get a further message saying the save to junk.mid failed,
but only with today's version.

One other test you can do is to try the command

Command: Playback View
Displays the music fully typeset on one long page (the Playback View).
Click on a note to play from there or drag to loop play.
Location: Main Menu ▶ Playback
Internal Name: PlaybackView

this will invoke LilyPond to generate the MIDI rendering, which is more
sophisticated than Denemo's in-built MIDI generator. Does that work on
your machine (what version of Windows do you have?)

> Is there a log file being created somewhere ? If so, where can I find
> this log file ? So I can send it to you.
> PS: my anti-virus warned an infected file: "generate_source.exe"
> infected with: " Win32:Trojan-gen".

That will be a false positive - as it happens the file
generate_source.exe is not actually needed - you can delete it without
any problem. There are unfortunately hundreds of executable files in
the bin directory which make it highly possible that a simple search
for a suspicious sequence of bytes will throw up a match.

Thank you for testing!


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