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More information regarding MIDI file export issue.

From: José Celso Freitas Pianista
Subject: More information regarding MIDI file export issue.
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2020 21:53:03 -0300

I downloaded the new Denemo version and unzip it again.

When I tried to export MIDI, I got this error message:

"Failed to save midi file (filename)"

(I was trying to save the file on desktop)

After this message, I decided to test more, I tried to export MIDI to root directory (C:\)

This time it worked, software returned message:

"Saved midi file (filename)"

And the file was there.

I made one more test, I created a subdirectory (C:\test\) and exported MIDI there.

It worked again.

So, basically, I can't save MIDI on desktop or any subdirectory on desktop.

But I can save MIDI files to root (C:\) or a simple subdirectory there.

My Windows:
Windows 10 Home Single Language
Version: 1909

My PC:
Dell Inspiron 15-3567

Prof. José Celso Freitas.
Tim - (81) 99548-4078
Claro - (81) 99473-8954
Oi - (81) 98406-9333
Fixo - (81) 3128-1106

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