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Re: [Demexp-dev] 0.5 step closer to OCaml Summer of Code

From: ketty
Subject: Re: [Demexp-dev] 0.5 step closer to OCaml Summer of Code
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 13:44:57 +0100

Hi, thank you for your many comments, i have lots to think about ^^

Ability to go to a given question, to have an URL specific to a question
or a vote on question (like demexp:// URLs for the hard client). Ability
to use the basic tag hierarchy.

Allready ready implemented (although somewhat bulky).

> • persistent user data

You mean, things like the saving of voted and seen questions? This is


> • persistent meta data

?? I haven't understood.

I am thinking about things like references to forums and other pages.
Just like the url that is currently associated with each answer
alternative, but it should not be limited to the creator of the
question (other people should be able to add links at a later stage),
and links could also be general to a question (not tied to a
particular answer)... Such things could be implemented in a eneral way
in the server, but if they are not it will need to be handled in an
ad-hoc fashon in the client.

> • improve usability

Yes. Should work *without* Javascript (even if Javascript can obviously
be used to *enhance* user interface).

Yes it currently uses javascript but does not make extensive use of it
(it usualy reloads the page on every click). Since we probably will
have a version using javascript in either case we should probably make
it work in a more ajax-like way (and of course have a clean
javascript-less version too)

 * Should work with Apache over SSL (a no brainer for all OCaml's web

It allready worked last time i tested.

 * Code should be commented in a literate style. ;-)

This is the hard part :)

> • Modification of allready running questions? Wanted not wanted? I
> think i would be usefull as long as its easy to notify old voters.

I haven't understood: what do you want to modify exactly? If this is the
question title, this is currently impossible without modifying deeply
the code.

The most usefull part would be adding and removing alternatives. (Of
course there are problems that needs to be addressed in each case, but
i think it would be worth it)

> • Deletion of questions (and tags..)?

Same as above, the questions and tags cannot be removed (questions can
only be hidden).

Tags can be renamed however.

Is there a technical problem, or is it just that no one has considered
it necesary?

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