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[Demexp-dev] 0.5 step closer to OCaml Summer of Code

From: ketty
Subject: [Demexp-dev] 0.5 step closer to OCaml Summer of Code
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 14:36:14 +0100

Hi, i have finaly started thinking about my application to the OCaml
Summer thingy (about time!). There used to be a page on the demexp
wiki with a lots of suggestions and ideas for future improvements but
i can't find it anymore, is it gone?

Anyway, regarding my application, this is what i can think of of the
top of my head:

• make layout separate from content. (css etc)
• compare implementations using different web technologies (ocsigen,
plain ocamlnet, more?)
• implement delegation (this needs the server to implement it first ^^)
• basic filtering (posibly with help of special server)
• persistent user data
• persistent meta data
• improve usability
• various missing features (like no support for setting date limit
when creating question)

• support for multiple voting algorithms (i dont know how easy this
would be for me, but it is very important for so if
no one else is gonna look at it i will have to do it eventually...)

Open questions
• Modification of allready running questions? Wanted not wanted? I
think i would be usefull as long as its easy to notify old voters.
• Deletion of questions (and tags..)?
• Changing date limit of question? (it will be important for that this is possible in some form, it is related to
the special voting algorithm thingy)


That looks like a list random somewhat unrelated features to me... I
would like my application to look coherent and not just like a list of
random improve this and that items... (and then i could put everything
i could not make look coherent in an appendix of miscellaneous things
i expect to do on the way ^^)

What i feel most exited about is implementing the webclient again and
again using different technologies. (yes i know, my sence of fun is a
bit twisted :)
But i dont know how productive such work would be considered...

So, i need help! Any ideas how and of what i should structure this?

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