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[Demexp-dev] Re: " Trophées du libre" application

From: Augustin
Subject: [Demexp-dev] Re: " Trophées du libre" application
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 23:05:57 +0800
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Hello Frederic and all,

On Wednesday 04 October 2006 08:13 pm, Frederic Lehobey wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 04, 2006 at 07:52:19PM +0800, Augustin wrote:
> > On Tuesday 03 October 2006 04:10 am, David MENTRE wrote:
> > > Ok, I have applied in Public Services category. The submission form is
> > > quite strange, you should give an URL of the project, but I don't know
> > > exactly which one. If they wan't to compile demexp we are bound to
> > > loose.
> >
> >
> >
> > " Ces candidatures pourront être présentées jusqu'au1er octobre 2006 à
> > minuit, date à partir de laquelle les évaluateurs téléchargeront la
> > dernière version du logiciel à l'URL déposée. "
> >
> > You've been lucky to be able to submit the project: they apparently
> > forgot to close the submission form.
> No, the deadline has been postponed to October, 15th:

Oh, thanks for the information.

> > The php demexp.module has not published a stable release, yet, so
> > certainly it is not eligible for the competition.
> Well, you have 11 more days to publish a stable version. Considering
> the speed at which you are working, it should be no problem to you.  :-)

I just submitted the module:
My main motivation for this is to create some more publicity around our 

I now consider the module to be in beta release, before a stable release for end october/early november.
Do you think I should release a "stable" version, tagged for Drupal 5?

> But such kind of decision is obviously yours (just kidding above).

Thanks for the encouragement (and for the information about the deadline). I 
am not sure I would have dared submitting the module otherwise. 

> > If you come in the top 3, it would be a very good PR opportunity....
> Yes, that is the main point and eventually might be true for the
> drupal demexp client module too...

We'll see what comes next.

Good luck to David, because he deserves it...


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