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more on phpBB and Drupal (Re: [Demexp-dev] Swedish party to use demexp?

From: Augustin
Subject: more on phpBB and Drupal (Re: [Demexp-dev] Swedish party to use demexp?
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2006 11:20:07 +0800
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On Monday 02 October 2006 08:07 pm, ketty . wrote:
> Hello, i have recently engaged myself in a swedish party which strives for
> directdemocracy in sweden

Hello Ketty,

Your coming into our project is very exciting! 
We do live exciting times because I keep hearing (not daily but almost) about 
new democratic projects / experiments in different places. It's getting 
difficult to keep track of them all: it shows that people are really longing 
for change!

It's great that you can program in OCaml: I'm sure David will appreciate your 
help, and it makes new developments on the server side more likely in the 
short term (support of other voting methods).

David and Frederic already told you about the Drupal module to use as a client 
of the demexp web site.

I have some more information that may interest you.

I noticed this web site:
How is it related to your project? 
I notice it uses Drupal ( 

About your web site:
I notice that you use phpBB for everything.

The demexp module is using Drupal. You have seen the demo site, and the module 
project page. The development of the module started very recently and it is a 
work in progress, not yet fully functional (it's still in alpha stage but I 
hope to bring it to beta stage in the next few weeks).

It happens that I am also the author and maintainer of the phpBB to Drupal 
import module:

I am not suggesting that you should migrate your site from phpBB to Drupal. I 
mention this only for your information. 
You can test the Drupal module and submit bug reports so I can improve it. 
(btw, if possible, *new* bug reports and especially feature requests should be 
posted here to we can keep track of them: ).

If later your group decides to implement a Drupal client web site with this 
module, you also have the possibility to import the content of your phpBB 
forum into it.

Welcome to the project,



Because we and the world need to change.
Intimate Relationships, peace and harmony in the couple.
Revolutionary Psychology, White Tantrism, Dream Yoga...
Condorcet, Approval alternative, better voting methods.

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