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[Demexp-dev] Re: Issue to use ocaml-gettext with lablgtk

From: David MENTRE
Subject: [Demexp-dev] Re: Issue to use ocaml-gettext with lablgtk
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 09:14:22 +0100

Hello Sylvain,

2006/1/23, Sylvain Le Gall <address@hidden>:
> For a GTK2 program, i recommend to use codeset = Some "UTF-8".

Ok. I'll fix that.

> Do you use "s_" and "f_" in your GTK2 interface ?

Partially, with a .glade file.

> If this the case, this functions should be evaluated after the parsing
> of the command line function (because before the language is not yet
> set).

Ok. I'll check but if I remember correctly, this is indeed the case currently.

> You are talking about a Glade interface, do you use a ".glade" file or
> do you use the translation of this glade file into OCaml ?

I'm using a .glade file, embedded in my application and loaded
transparently by Lablgtk.

> If you use a ".glade" file, use GettextStub.Native (because the
> translatable string stored in the file are translated using C gettext).

Ok, that explains my issue.

However, I'm also using "_s" functions. I suppose I have to define a
second module for those translations. How am I supposed to use both
modules? What should be the init sequence? (BTW, I would be nice to
put a word on this in your documentation)

> Working on it ;-)
> See

Maybe I've not understood but this is apparently a logging library. I
was speaking more specifically of ocaml-gettext library debugging. But
maybe you plan to add this library as a depency to ocaml-gettext? In
that case, it would add another dependency to my own ones. :-( Anyway,
any help in debugging ocaml-gettext woud be useful.

> Please, send me a link/.tar.gz of your code, if you need help, i can
> maybe do something for you.

Here is the source code:

The caml sources are made with noweb (nowebm debian package). They are
ending in .ml.nw.

The DemexpGettext module is defined in the lib/
file. It is used by gtk2-clnt/ file. There is
also a call to an "_s" function in the latter source file. We plan to
add more calls soon. As usual, the translations are in the po/
directory.  Most part of the Makefile are in config/

I'll give another try to this issue soon. Thank you for the help.

Best wishes,

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