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Re: [Demexp-dev] Compilation of demexp

From: David MENTRE
Subject: Re: [Demexp-dev] Compilation of demexp
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 09:47:41 +0100

Hello Sylvain,

[ Could you keep demexp-dev in your emails, this allows archiving for
people having similar issues as yours. I have allowed you to post on
it without being subscribed to it. ]

2006/1/17, Sylvain Chevillard <address@hidden>:
> Yes. Indeed, it is not so clearly explained in the documentation of
> demexp.

Ok, I should fix that in the doc.

> >  2. Could you try with a simple program, to check CDuce is working?
> >
> Your example compiles without any problem.

Ok, so CDuce is working.

> >  4. Ah! One idea: try to compile only the bytecode version of the
> >     server with following command. It might help to see of this issue
> > is
> >     related to MacOS X specific linking:
> >        make srv/demexp-server.bc
> >
> It works modulo modifying the Makefile in the way it is explained here
> :
> I have to change -static into -dynamic.

I should detect that we are under MacOS in the ./configure and set
appropriate compilation option.

Could you give me the result of:
 - uname -m
 - uname -o
 - uname -s
 - uname -r

> By the way, I have also to delete the "-warn-error A" options in the
> Makefile because I have some warnings (not used variables) during the
> compilation which let it abort.

Could you send them to me (by compiling with a "-warn A") so I could fix them?

> Finally, it compiles srv/demexp-server.bc.

Great! At least you have some code to play with. :-) Which part of
demexp do you need? Have you any plan for it?

> It is not necessary to mention that I already tried these tips for the
> complete compilation of demexp. :-)


> At this point, I figure that the problem comes specifically from
> ocamlopt under Mac OS X.

Yep, at least for the ocamlopt part. Once Thomas will have tried on
Debian, we will know if it is MacOS X specific or not.

> It is surely too technical for me. The dream
> would be to understand who between demexp, cduce and caml is the best
> concerned and try to bug-report it. But it seems to be a bit difficult
> to understand.

Well, I have no good suggestion right now. It might be just an issue
of a missing .a or something similar.

> Do you want a complete log of make server ?

Yes, if this doesn't bother you. Compile with "-warn A -verbose" as
ocamlopt and ocamlc option. As it is working with ocamlc and not with
ocamlopt, it might suggest the thing which is different between the
two cases.

Best wishes,

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