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Re: [Demexp-dev] Thoughts on voting machines

From: skaller
Subject: Re: [Demexp-dev] Thoughts on voting machines
Date: 20 Sep 2004 15:26:52 +1000

On Sun, 2004-09-19 at 23:49, David MENTRE wrote:
> Hello John,
> skaller <address@hidden> writes:
> > Other entities also need to make decisions. Companies,
> > SIGs, Open Source software projects -- and new groups
> > will form, once mass ePolitic is as much a reality
> > as mobile phones and eMail.
> Yes, but my point was that even on mobile phones or PDA you need to
> design properly the vote mechanism 

Indeed, however the emphasis is different. With the voting
rules for this project (which I like), a final accurate
result isn't nearly as important as:

(a) ability have more frequent votes
(b) ability to change your opinion
(c) ability to submit a topic to be voted on

In other words, precision isn't as important as
tools that *facilitate* open discussion and decision making.

BTW: speaking of Idols -- recently, there was a miscount
of Australian Idol votes. They actually had to withdraw
the announced outcome on TV, and the CEO of the company
actually doing the counting had to explain what went wrong.

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