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Building ddd

From: Fred Krogh
Subject: Building ddd
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 14:34:01 -0700
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I've built ddd from ddd-3.3.9.tar.gz, and had a couple of problems. I had to add "#include <stdio.h>" in stdclass.C. And for execution had to "cp -r vsllib ddd" while in directory ddd-3.3.9. This appears to have some of the same problems as the gentoo build, but at least it only took one <cntrl-c> to track down one bug in my code. The hour glass is always visible when the mouse in the the source file however. My CPU monitor does not indicate any cost associated with this. I could also note that the configure needed the option "--enable-builtin-app-defaults" for successful execution.

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