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My ddd is broken

From: Fred Krogh
Subject: My ddd is broken
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 10:44:29 -0700
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And it is difficult to live without it! I've posted the following on the gentoo forums. I hope someone on this list may have an idea. I've used ddd for years with few problems. Thanks,

If I set a breakpoint in the gdb console window, ddd goes to sleep. If I then push the Interrupt button, it prints in the console window

not set

I've tried backing out of the latest ddd, gdb, and python, but none of those changes made a difference. I'm looking for ideas on what to look for or try. Although ddd is unusable as no matter what you doe it sleeps, gdb does work just fine. It's just that I'm used to ddd and find it much more convenient to use. It seems that ddd is changing ~/.ddd/init in ways that are different than in the past.

I should have mentioned, if after the interrupt and the message in quotes above, if I try to exit ddd, I get this message: "GDB is still busy. Exit anyway (and kill it)?" so the problem seems to be in the interaction of ddd with gdb.

I have found an unsatisfactory "solution". If I "rm -rf ~/.ddd" and start ddd in a terminal window with no & at the end. I can set a breakpoint and the code will run. Frequently it hangs, but <cntrl c> in the terminal where ddd was started seems to get things going again. When it is hung, there is a message at the bottom of the ddd display saying "Disassembling location 0x408786 to 0x408886". Does all this suggest anything at all?

Wrong again!  Even this last "solution" is not working.

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