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ddd crashes on "display" in gfortran programs

From: Van Snyder
Subject: ddd crashes on "display" in gfortran programs
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 18:38:58 -0700

ddd using --gdb (I don't have dbx) crashes when I try to display any
variable in the attached program.  It was compiled using
GNU Fortran (GCC) 4.1.2 20080704 thus:

# gfortran -g test-ddd.f90.

Hovering displays a variable's value, although it only works on whole
structs, not individual components.  "print" works.  Breakpoints work.
Right-click on any variable followed by picking "display," or
double-clicking, results in a crash and core dump.

I invoked ddd using

# ~/download/ddd-3.3.12/ddd/ddd --gdb ./a.out

I set breakpoints at lines 30 and 51 and ran the program.

At 30 I can see the values of ModuleVar (even though module MyType_m
isn't accessible according to Fortran's rules in AnotherModule) and of var
(both the one in Sub and in xyz) by hovering on them or printing them.

When the program stops at line 51, I can see the value of my_var by
hovering on it or printing it, but I can't see the value of my_var%x by
hovering on it or printing using the "print" menu pick.  I have to go to
the gdb transcript pane and type "print my_var%x".  Hovering on or
printing an entire struct is not tremendously useful if it has hundreds
of components.

Are there plans to make ddd more Fortran friendly?

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