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Data display disappearance

From: Žarko Živanov
Subject: Data display disappearance
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 12:22:46 +0100
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I'm posting the sequence of three screenshots taken during DDD execution. The 
first one is when the program being debugged is running (DDD-0). After pressing 
the Run button (to start it again), one of variables in Data section disappears 
(DDD-1). After pressing Step button, another variable disappears, but the first 
one is shown again (DDD-2). One more press on Step, and all variables are shown 
(like on DDD-0).

This behavior occurs after using DDD for a while (not from very start), but 
when it happens once, it happens all the time, until I restart DDD. I still 
didn't found circumstances when this starts to happend, but if I find 
something, I'll post it.

System: Ubunu 9.10, DDD 3.3.12

Zarko Zivanov

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