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Error in examine.C (or somewhere else)

From: Žarko Živanov
Subject: Error in examine.C (or somewhere else)
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 19:26:44 +0100
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Some time ago I posted some modifications to DDD for better x86 assembly debugging under 
GDB. One of these was modification of examine.C (Data/Memory dialog). The change is 
included in 3.3.12, but apparently doesn't work on AMD Sempron processors. My code was (I 
guess correctly) put under "if" like this:
if (GDB == gdb->type() && gdb->cpu == cpu_intel) {
        ... my code ...

And it probably works on Intel processors (all machines in my lab are AMD, so I didn't checked). But, for some 
reason, AMD Sempron is recognized as cpu_unknown and body of "if" never gets executed. I temporarily 
solved this by removing "&& gdb->cpu == cpu_intel" from condition (I don't know where CPU 
detection is performed), but I guess there is a better solution.

Zarko Zivanov

P.S. Please, remove my non-English comments (including my name; many other 
people contributed much more than me) from examine.C and x86.vsl, I made them 
just for my own reference while making changes...

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