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How to use DDD in a multi-threaded app.

From: Aref Taidi
Subject: How to use DDD in a multi-threaded app.
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 21:36:31 -0000

Hello All,

How do you use DDD in a multi-threaded real-time Linux application?

I would either like to attach to a running multi-threaded application or, if
it is easier, start the ddd and then run the application's main function
which will spawn many threads. I would then like to put break points in
various threads.

Is it possible to use ddd to set break points in multiple threads in a
real-time situation? I could even live with removing the real-time condition
but need a multi-threading debug capability. What compiler switches do I
need to use and which ones to avoid?



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