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Pinning graphical displays' positions down

From: Philip K . F . Hölzenspies
Subject: Pinning graphical displays' positions down
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 09:51:42 +0100
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I'm using DDD to debug a rather pointer laden bit of C code.
Basically, it's a bunch of structs with a few values and a bunch of
pointers in them. DDD's ability to draw nice graphs of pointer
references simply by double clicking the pointer field of a display is
a great feature.

However, when values in one of these structs change, the size of the
box displaying that struct often changes as well. When it does, my DDD
rearranges my entire graph. What it usually does is move all boxes
that are slightly to the right, to the *FAR* right and likewise for
boxes below. This is already somewhat annoying, because I had just
fitted my entire structure neatly so that it would fit my screen. It
becomes prohibitively vexatious, however, when the Edge Hints _do_
stay in place, turning my neat little graph into mad spaghetti.

Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to somehow pin a displays
position, so that it does not get moved around?


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