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Re: Pinning graphical displays' positions down

From: Fred Krogh
Subject: Re: Pinning graphical displays' positions down
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 10:29:45 -0800
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It is reasonable to suggest digging in to fix problems such at this. 
But given absolutely no experience or interest in learning about
graphical interfaces and a shortage of time, it also seems reasonable to
make suggestions for improvement.  In codes I develop, I am interested
in what users might feel are worthwhile improvements.  I assume ddd
developers would also be interested in such things, even if they have no
time to follow up on them.

The main ddd site has no provision for requesting improvements.  Perhaps
a section could be added  there for people to request improvements or
indicate a desire for something already listed.  For someone with a
background in dealing with X (Motif? LessTif?) perhaps the change
requested here would not be a big deal to fix.  And although I wouldn't
call it a bug, I still consider the current implementation broken.

R. Bernstein wrote:
> If after reading the ddd documentation you don't know and no one has
> posted anything either, then I guess no one knows.
> One can always find something to complain about. But it can be more
> satisfying to do something about the problems one encounters. So if
> you are waiting for an invitation to dig in and get involved, here it
> is!
> Philip K.F. H=C3=B6lzenspies wrote:
>> ...
>> Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to somehow pin a displays
>> position, so that it does not get moved around?
>>  =20
> I wrote concerning this problem a few weeks back with no response.  I
> love using ddd.  If this display problem were fixed and I could display
> parts of arrays when debugging Fortran there would be nothing left to
> complain about!
> Fred

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