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Re: Another release of ddd for GNU Make debugging?

From: R. Bernstein
Subject: Re: Another release of ddd for GNU Make debugging?
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 10:29:44 -0500

Tim Mooney writes:
 > I built this yesterday on Tru64 UNIX using the vendor C++ and related
 > toolchain.  The build went fine, as had previous 3.3.9+ builds.

Good to know it didn't break for at least one other person.

 > The tarball is much bigger than 3.3.11, mainly because of the giant
 > PostScript file in the docs directory.  Not sure if that's intentional.

It's what "make dist" put in. Since I didn't release 3.3.11 I can't be
certain that it was done in the same way. 

 > About the only functional change I've noticed (I haven't attempted any
 > bashdb or other debugging yet) 

The main purpose of the test release was for GNU Make debugging and
some small improvements to bash debugging. Were it not for this, there
probably would not have been a test release at this time.

 > is that with previous releases the splash
 > screen (correctly) displayed for a couple seconds, without any
 > border/decorations on the splash itself.

This is not something related to any change I'm aware of. Also it
doesn't sound like something all that serious either - if there were
no splash screen at all that would be fine too.

 > With the test release, I get a bordered window of the same size as the
 > graphic from previous releases, but the window itself is actually empty
 > (it's just an empty rectangle, now with a window border).
 > Other than that, the tiny bit of testing I've done hasn't turned up
 > any new problems.


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