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Re: DDD looking for source file with IP address?

From: ron flory
Subject: Re: DDD looking for source file with IP address?
Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2005 09:22:49 -0600
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mark_2811 wrote:

I've got a strange problem with DDD (v ).  When a breakpoint gets hit, DDD pops up a dialog saying 
"DDD: No Source".  It seems to be searching for a source file named 
"" in the directory where my executable is located.  I searched on google and 
couldn't find any other references to this issue, has anyone here seen it before?  Why would it 
think my computer's IP address is the name of a source file??

 This is a long shot, but I think I saw something similar happen when
I entered 'ddd ./progname' instead of 'ddd program'.  It took some
time to figure this out and I have no clue why it is.  Configuring
source paths did not help, especially since ddd discards these
settings upon next startup.


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