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Re: Integrating vi(m) 6 into ddd 3.3.1

From: apgaylard
Subject: Re: Integrating vi(m) 6 into ddd 3.3.1
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 07:20:18 GMT

> Hello.
> About the ddd's main window: is there a way to make it use the vim editor
> instead of the default builtin editor?  I am using RHAS 2.1 as the 
> development
> OS.

Sorry Eugene, but I think it will require considerable code changes to add
this functionality.  (Patches are welcome...!)  My help file for
vim-6.1.165 has this to say:

    Currently the only fully integrated debugger/IPE/IDE is Sun's Visual
    WorkShop Integrated Programming Environment.

So there's a starting point, which is better than nothing.

> To open other files and put break points, I've to go thru the menu every 
> time.

Not necessarily.  You can use the gdb command window.  Either

    b function_name

where fuction_name can be in any file, not necessarily the one in the viewer,

    b file.c:2202

where 2202 is the line number where you'd like to put your breakpoint.
I normally have a separate vim window open to navigate the source quickly,
using tags, etc.  This lets me do the above.  I agree that this isn't 
exactly an "integrated" option, but it's a lot quicker than using the

To view the source where you've already got a breakpoint, use
"Source" -> "Breakpoints" to open the list of currently-known breakpoints.
You can keep this window open.  Then, when you need to examine the code
at one of your breakpoints, pick a breakpoint in the list and press

When your program stops at a breakpoint, using "up" to traverse the stack
will cause the list-window to follow, which is quite neat (I think so,
anyway).  That way, you can click on variables in the callers to print
or view them.

You can also use gdb's list (or "l") command to find functions and
source files, if you just want to view the code (and don't want to set

I'm interested in what other DDD users think about this.

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