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Integrating vi(m) 6 into ddd 3.3.1

From: Enice Eugene Bradley
Subject: Integrating vi(m) 6 into ddd 3.3.1
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 12:12:13 -0700
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About the ddd's main window: is there a way to make it use the vim editor
instead of the default builtin editor? I am using RHAS 2.1 as the development

Its the main "ddd" window where the main file is displayed when I open a program and not the "Edit Source" window. It's the main window where I can put break
points etc. I want this window to be in "vim" mode. Otherwise, its very
difficult to navigate the code. All our main processes are in C code and with thousands of lines of code in each file. Without vim editor it will severely
impact our productivity.

To open other files and put break points, I've to go thru the menu every time.
This can be avoided if the "ddd" main window uses vim mode.

I looked in the ddd FAQ page but the closest I could find is integration with
(x)emacs.  I will summarize any and all responses to my question for future
addition to the FAQ.  Thanks!


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