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Re: install problems

From: apgaylard
Subject: Re: install problems
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 06:27:51 GMT

> Make can't get out of strclass. Doesn't like strclass.h, line 494 declaring
> ostream inline.
> There was a message that the need for flex was a potential bug. It needed
> it, so I installed it.
> The was also a message to change strstream.h to sstream, but that's all over
> the place and didn't help.
> Tom Arick

Tom (and everyone else trying to build DDD),

Please start by fetching DDD-3.3.7 from http://sourceforge.net/projects/ddd

Then, if you still have problems, ask the list, making sure that you

1. Your OS and platform
2. Your compiler
3. Your debugger

Naturally, we need to know the version numbers involved.


PS: I am busy getting access to gnu.org, to update the web page
and to upload DDD-3.3.7 to the FTP server.  This is a difficult
process, so please be patient until it's all sorted out.

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