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make error in DDD3.3

From: Chen, James (陳業新 IAC-N)
Subject: make error in DDD3.3
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 15:48:26 +0800


    I got the following errors when make DDD3.3 in cygwin, will you help me?

               cd /
               tar -zxvf ddd-3.3.tar.gz
               cd ddd-3.3

Best Regards,
James Chen


$ make
MAKE Version 5.2  Copyright (c) 1987, 2000 Borland
        set fnord l -o ; amf=$2;   dot_seen=no;   target=`echo all-recursive | s
ed s/-recursive//`;   list='readline vsllib themes ddd'; for subdir in $list; do
   echo "Making $target in $subdir";   if test "$subdir" = "."; then   dot_seen=
yes;   local_target="$target-am";   else   local_target="$target";   fi;   (cd $
subdir MAKE0003.@@@@set fnord l -o ; amf=$2;   dot_seen=no;   rev=''; list='read
line vsllib themes ddd'; for subdir in $list; do   rev="$subdir $rev";   test "$
subdir" = "." MAKE0004.@@@list='readline vsllib themes ddd'; for subdir in $list
; do   test "$subdir" = . || (cd $subdir MAKE0005.@@@list=' ';   unique=`for i i
n $list; do echo $i; done |   awk '  files[$0] = 1;    END { for (i in files) pr
int i; }'`;   here=`pwd` MAKE0006.@@@tags=;   here=`pwd`;   list='readline vslli
b themes ddd'; for subdir in $list; do   if test "$subdir" = .; then :; else   t
est -f $subdir/TAGS MAKE0007.@@@-rm -f TAGS ID
print was unexpected at this time.

** error 1 ** deleting all-recursive

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