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Re: Displaying and "infinite recursion"

From: Oliver Bringmann
Subject: Re: Displaying and "infinite recursion"
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 17:30:24 +0100

Hi Allen,

I suggest, that this problem is related to gdb not ddd. Normally, you
can reproduce this by using the gdb command 'display' which is used by
ddd, implicitly. But, if you use the gdb command 'print' this error 
does not occur anymore.

I posted this problem to the address@hidden mailing list, last year.
However, I do not know anything about the current status of the problem.


> I have a class that I am trying to display in ddd.
> I can successfully display the class, but it has a pointer internally
> that points to another class.  When I try to display that pointer
> (double click on the pointer) I get a "disabled" box instead of the
> actual class data.
> In the message pane, I get an error of the form "Disabling display 2 to
> avoid infinite recursion".  I am guessing that DDD is having problems
> displaying the structure, but I would like to get more information from
> it about what actually part of the class is giving it this problem. 
> Then hopefully I could break the recursion so that I would be able to
> display my application's data in the debugger.
> Can anyone point me to a better description of what "Disabling display X
> to avoid infinite recursion" means and/or a way to get more information
> from the debugger about what elements in my class are causing this
> problem?
> Thanks,
> Allen
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