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Displaying and "infinite recursion"

From: Allen Bierbaum
Subject: Displaying and "infinite recursion"
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 10:05:32 -0600

I have a class that I am trying to display in ddd.

I can successfully display the class, but it has a pointer internally
that points to another class.  When I try to display that pointer
(double click on the pointer) I get a "disabled" box instead of the
actual class data.

In the message pane, I get an error of the form "Disabling display 2 to
avoid infinite recursion".  I am guessing that DDD is having problems
displaying the structure, but I would like to get more information from
it about what actually part of the class is giving it this problem. 
Then hopefully I could break the recursion so that I would be able to
display my application's data in the debugger.

Can anyone point me to a better description of what "Disabling display X
to avoid infinite recursion" means and/or a way to get more information
from the debugger about what elements in my class are causing this


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