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Re: [Dctc-general] dctc/dc_gui2 download dont star

From: eric
Subject: Re: [Dctc-general] dctc/dc_gui2 download dont star
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 19:48:45 +0100
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> I've tested active too but it doesn't work either (but I know it worked
> before under RedHat 8.0). The reason why I'm usually do not use active
> mode is because the search does not work under active mode (I get like
> five hits instead of 100's of hits - is that normal?)

it is because you have a port problem, the only results you obtain comes from 
the hub (passive user reply).

> I've now built all the versions 0.85.2 to 0.85.6 (the latest) with the
> appropriate dc_gui2 version (0.73 to 0.77) but none of them have
> download of GDL work under RedHat 9. It is always "Waiting", it never
> switches to "Trying". I've tried manually clicking "Wake this user GDL
> source" when I see there are slots free, but nothing happens. I also
> have "GDL source wake up = When a search result from a wanted user
> contains a free slot" but it doesn't help either.

seeing entries in waiting status only does not mean they are always waiting. 
On a normal connection, a transfer attempt is performed in 2-3 seconds and by 
default, the refresh rate is every 5 seconds.

> First I thought that maybe one have to use glib 1.2 and not 2.0 since it
> seems like the default for ./configure have changed between 0.85.2 to
> 0.85.3 ... but even when I built against my own build of glib 1.2.10
> (that worked under RedHat 8.0) it does not work (download won't start).

there is a bug in the configure of the latest stable version, use the CVS 
version or wait the next stable version to be able to use the --disable-glib2 

> Also dc_gui2 looks a little bit strange under RedHat 9, there are grey
> fields under half of the usernames and around the progress bar under GDL.


> Another strange thing is that it now takes very long time, like 7-8
> seconds, to have a GDL to show up after I've chosed "Download" on a
> file. After that it takes about 7-8 seconds before the "Status" switches
> from blank til "0 (0.00%) [0.00B/s]". On RedHat 8.0 it only took a
> second or two.

it is configurable in the gui, by default, it is 5 seconds.

> Is it okey that dctc uses glib 1.2 and dc_gui2 uses glib 2.0 (I suppose
> dc_gui2 must use glib 2.0)?

yes, it is 2 different programs.

> Any idea what causes "Waiting" to never switch to "Trying"?

as explained in the forum, not until know.


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