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[Dazuko-devel] 7 Years of Dazuko [IMPORTANT]

From: John Ogness
Subject: [Dazuko-devel] 7 Years of Dazuko [IMPORTANT]
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2009 20:41:53 +0100
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The Dazuko project was created seven years ago today. During that time
we have seen a lot of changes. But right now Dazuko is in the middle
of its biggest change ever: the switch to DazukoFS. I have noticed
that this change has caused quite a stir among the Dazuko community
and at this point I am not certain how it will turn out. But I would
like to take a moment to address several very important issues.

 Dazuko 2.x

I have decided that I will no longer maintain Dazuko 2.x. I am only
interested in DazukoFS. If anyone is interested in keeping the Dazuko
2.x branch maintained, please post to this list or contact me
directly. I am happy to give full CVS access to the project. (The
website is already accessable to anyone.)

My reasons for abandoning Dazuko 2.x are:

- It cannot work with the current Linux kernels. It would need to be
  changed to piggy-back off another project, such as RedirFS, or
  become a kernel-patch-only solution.

- The code is inefficient and difficult to maintain.

- A path-based file access control mechanism is primitive and should
  not be used when alternatives such as DazukoFS exist.

- I maintain the Dazuko project for fun in my free time. Maintaining
  the Dazuko 2.x branch stopped being fun about a year ago.

 The Future: DazukoFS

As you probably know, DazukoFS has been submitted for inclusion in the
mainline Linux kernel. Unfortunately it is getting practically no
attention. I do not know if the silence is because I am not CC'ing the
correct people, because those people refuse to look at it, or because
no one has any time for it.

I will continue my efforts and contact various other kernel developers
to see what I need to do to get some attention to the project. But in
the meantime, our project is sitting in a release-candidate stage with
an outdated Dazuko 2.3.5 being the "official" version.

Perhaps we should not to wait for mainline acceptance before
officially releasing DazukoFS? I need your input on this. My main
concern is the interface. If we release DazukoFS now, we need to be
aware that until DazukoFS has been accepted mainline, there is the
possibility that it could change (a lot). On the other hand, if we
continue to sit where we are now (with an outdated stable version and
a new, incompatible unofficial version), then the project may end up
dead because all of its users decided to move on to something
else. (If a project has no users, why should it continue to exist?)

I am patient. I've been working on DazukoFS for several years, so
personally I am in no rush. But I am also aware that the current state
of the project has become useless for the "common user". And the fact
that Dazuko 2.3.5 is the current official version is causing a lot of
problems for new users.

Regardless, I will continue with my plan to orphan the Dazuko 2.x
branch. If no one wants to maintain it, I will change the entire
website to focus only on DazukoFS. If I do not receive any kind of
useful feedback, I will also patiently continue to get DazukoFS
mainline while only posting the latest proposed DazukoFS version to
the website. In my opinion this is the best course of action for any
long term success. But it may be problematic for users and vendors
that rely on Dazuko. (But if no one speaks up, I can only assume that
there is no preference for the future course of action.)

John Ogness

Dazuko Maintainer

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