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[devel] Why agnubis did not succeed (BEWARE: just personal opinions)

From: Sven Herzberg
Subject: [devel] Why agnubis did not succeed (BEWARE: just personal opinions)
Date: 24 Jun 2003 17:04:00 +0200


  as nadav asked me in IRC to explain why agnubis failed I'm going to
explain what I know about it and why I think that agnubis isn't worth to
be used as a codebase. (So just another warning: this is all just
personal opinions, you won't find many objective reasons here)

1. coding time
  Agnubis was coded last summer, when I was finishing school, that meant
that I didn't have much homework and lots of time (as I'm no great fan
of sitting around and reading schoolbooks to learn). So I had lots of
time to code and implement agnubis' user interface. Now I'm currently
studying, having time again, but until december I had lots of different
things im my mind (studying, moving to hamburg, ...).
  I don't know why the other guys stopped coding, but AFAIK luisma had
changed his employer and was quite heavily involved there.

2. diacanvas
  Once we »finished« the load/show stuff. We wanted to implement
animations (at least I wanted to), but when I had a closer look on the
diacanvas we were using for all the view/edit/show stuff I realized that
I was not very friendly when it comes to animation.
  So I didn't want to go on with diacanvas, where luisma and tero
wanted, so at least I didn't get the changes I wanted.

3. gdome2
  Tero made a nice job integrating the gdome stuff into agnubis to get a
file reading (and AFAIK later something almost working for writing) and
presentation-in-memory-stuff working. It is a very big piece of code and
I think that Tero is the only agnubis hacker who knows how that piece of
code really works.

4. gal
  I copied some stuff from gnumeric and used gal to have a font-selector
in the toolbar. I think that I was the only one from the agnubis team
who knew how this was implemented.

5. gob
  gob is ice to make the gobject stuff easier, but one year ago it was
not very reliable (it crashed at every type-check for one of my
gob-objects), and it became really horrible to debug the gob-created


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